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***There are jobs here***

Discussion in 'Careers and Professional Development' started by Mr Jones, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Uncle_Gravy


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    Subbed, I'm dying to start my IT career path.

    All the jobs I've had are all agency work, and only three of the many jobs I've had were IT based, which unfortunately were only 3 months work for each, except for my current admin post.

    All three were based around schools ICT support, two of the jobs I was based in a school and being their tech, installing new equipment, supporting staff and pupils, the usual.

    And one I was within Cardiff Council Schools ICT team supporting the whole of Cardiff's schools, there I learnt how to use Windows Servers, setting up PCs onto the network and allocating it to the correct location within active directory.

    All three I've enjoyed, Something I really want to do, even if its just a simple case of plugging in a new machine and setting it up, that's something I enjoy.

    Right now I'm stuck in an admin role nothing to do with IT which I've been with now for 4 years through agency, and its only now they've decided to give me a permanent job.
  2. Delvis


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    Look in newspapers for school jobs buddy, it's where I got my last one. That was in a secondary/grammar school so you youwld be first point of contact, installing PCs, or using AD, server work and others tasks etc etc.

    Keep and eye out :)
  3. Uncle_Gravy


    Joined: Aug 11, 2012

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    Would never imagine looking in a Newspaper, I usually looked at the usual, council sites, job search and eTeach.

    What lets me down is my qualifications I think, which is only a level 3 BTEC National diploma for IT Practitioners and also experience in an IT based role, which is just about 1 year worth once you've added the few months I've had in each job.

    Experience let me down before for a Comprehensive school last year, The job was basically assisting the "Network Manager" at the school, they said It came down to two people, me or the person with more work experience, so obviously he won otherwise I'd be happy as Larry right now.
  4. Delvis


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    Tbh experience will help you more unless they are exceptionally picky. Unless it's a tech orientated school you aren't going to need all the qualifications under the sun
  5. Mr Jones


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    Just a heads up to anyone hoping to work for Haribo:


    Seasonal Brand Manager

    Technical Service Manager (Not IT related)

    And soon, there'll be my previous job on offer. Development Technologist / Development Manager.

    Working for Haribo is amazing, big brand company working much like a small-medium business with heavy on networking. Both technical role can be a job for life if you fit in the environment.

    Good luck.
  6. Redgie

    Wise Guy

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    Location: Liverpool

    Jobs available at Isosec Ltd!

    Looking for any of the following, to be based in Manchester city centre (Deansgate) working for a small but rapidly growing IT firm :). Experience is required and a real passion for the work is a must!

    Apply via the website, http://www.isosec.co.uk :)
  7. Burnsy2023

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  8. RichIbizaSport

    Wise Guy

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    Location: London

    My company, based in Hull are looking for multiple developers / trainee developers (asp .net, vb, sql) . Also looking for a junior helpdesk guy, that will likely have a hand in sys admin too (I'm moving to our parent company in London and so some of my duties will be mixed in)

    Feel free to pm (trust) me
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  9. WoodyUK


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  10. AHarvey


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    Location: Stoke area

    TELESALES - Stoke or Market Drayton (TF9)

    base salary plus commission. I know some of them are earning £30k a year.

    Office hours.
    Company has had 2500% growth since it started.
    Target is £25 mil a year (to start)
    Perks for good sellers (they've just taken a group to Spain on a short holiday)
    Training given. They will take on anyone of any age but would like a few older people due to the products they are selling.

    Legal company selling Wills, Trusts, LPAs etc. You don't actually sell, you're just cold calling and booking appointments for consultants.

    Careers@willassociates.co.uk If you apply just say it's through the Media Centre (my dept)


    They are also always looking for consultants but this is a commission only role but don't let that put you off, you can earn 6 figures a year. I think there is an initial outlay of £500 for training and materials but there are a good bunch some 250 strong.

    England and Wales only.
  11. PAz


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    Location: Hartwell, Bucks

    I am hiring for a senior cloud deployment engineer to join my Managed Services team.

    You need excellent customer management skills and senior level technical ability in Linux / cloud (ideally AWS) / enterprise application experience / troubleshooting.

    Maidenhead / London 2 days per week, rest from home.

    Trust me for details.
  12. AHarvey


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  13. marin


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  14. PAz


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  15. kitkat9933


    Joined: Aug 26, 2012

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    Location: Manchester

    Looking for a Junior -> Mid level IT Post Sales consultant, preferably with 1-2 years prior experience and familiar with the Microsoft stack https://Distology.com/index.php/careers

    Feel free to trust me.
  16. gobbo


    Joined: Dec 25, 2002

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    We have a ton of tech job openings at the moment, SDE (python, C++, java), solution architects, technical instructors, security and compliance.

    These are all senior level positions in public cloud, so 5+ years experience is required

    Roles are mainly London (city) or Cambridge. Trust for more details
  17. BattFink


    Joined: Jun 13, 2013

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    Location: Brighton(ish)

    Hi, if this is against the rules please remove this. I'm looking for a:

    Information Security Analyst - Based in London, EC2

    You will play a key role in implementing our plans to achieve ISO27001 certification in the short term. Ongoing you will have responsibilities for the continuous improvement of our policies, procedures, and controls across the organisation. You will also have continuous involvement in our customer projects and product development through the entire development lifecycle and change control.

    Key responsibilities of the role include:

    • Information security policy definition and maintenance
    • Delivering appropriate security awareness training program
    • Monitoring and reporting on compliance with policies
    • Risk assessment and impact analysis internally and as part of customer projects
    • Working closely with our technical teams to implement appropriate technical controls and monitoring
    • Working with existing and potential customers on security assessment processes and streamlining this process as much as possible through standardisation, implementation of best practice and creating material that clearly communicates our security in design principles
    • Key contributor to our cyber security program assisting our team in delivering secure solutions and products
    • Key contributor in related areas such as business continuity, quality management and compliance with healthcare related information governance standards



    • Degree (2:1 or above)
    • Deep understanding of the principles of best practice in security as covered by ISO27001
    • Excellent working knowledge of information security controls in a ISO27001 environment
    • Good knowledge of secure coding practices and the OWASP principles
    • Good understanding of the software development process, ALM procedures and change control
    • Good knowledge of security controls including technical solutions such as IDS, IAM, Encryption, Least privilege, Asset management solutions
    • Understanding of related best practice standards such as SSAE16, PCI-DSS, ISO9001, Business Continuity
    • Current security professional certification is desirable. One or more of the following SSCP, CCSP, CISSP, IISP membership. Or similar certifications


    • At least 2 years' experience in a relevant information security role
    • Experience of the software development lifecycle and related techniques such as Agile
    • Experience of data analytics either in solution delivery or use of analytics in an information security setting
    • Experience of formal risk and impact assessment
    • Monitoring against policies and production of Reports on Compliance (ROC)
    • Design and delivery of security awareness training programs
    • Experience of incident management procedures and working knowledge of SIEM solutions
    • Any experience with cloud-based products such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure would be desirable but not essential

    Other skills

    • Excellent written and verbal communication
    • A proven self-starter
    • Innovative & creative in finding solutions
    • Able to pick up ideas quickly & with a desire to learn
    • Good communicator

    What you will learn

    • Opportunity to improve knowledge in data analytics and software development
    • Information Security in the utilisation and development of cloud-based products such as SaaS or IaaS
    • Implementation of related best practice such as supply chain management, healthcare information governance standards, quality management, business continuity

    If you're interested, drop me a trust message with a CV & salary expectations
  18. mid_gen


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  19. sHo0sH


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    Location: London

    I'm currently looking for a Scala developer - preferably with Spark experience for a contract in London.

    Always open to hearing from any software development contractors in general.
  20. Gabbygall


    Joined: Mar 8, 2010

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    Trainee IT System Administrator.

    Hi, well considering every applicant so far is a non-starter I thought I would think outside the box and advertise elsewhere. Based in Ongar, Essex the following is currently available. I'm the IT manager and trust me, it's a great position for someone 17 - 19 looking for their first fulltime job. Must have car as where we are based is not served by public transport.

    Learning all aspects of the IT department, including:
    Support of the various systems the company use in their day to day business.
    Creation and maintaining of user accounts. (Active directory and email).
    Building/configuring PCs and Laptops.
    Configuring and maintaining of the IP Phone system.
    Updating and maintaining the hardware/software asset register.
    Checking backups.
    1st/2nd line support. Both deskside and remotely.
    Planning and assisting on various upcoming IT projects.
    Break/fix hardware, liaising with various 3rd party vendors.
    Ensuring various compliance and audit logs are kept up to date.
    Setting up iPhones.

    The IT function within this company is an extremely busy & important part of the company.
    We require highly organised individuals with a good attention to detail & a high level of accuracy.
    Ideal candidates should be conscientious & able to use their initiative

    Full training will be given.

    If this seems like something you would be interested in, please let me know with your salary expectations and your availability for interviews.

    email me at gabbygall@gmail.com