1. MT Mods

    Be quiet! Yin & Yang - Twin systems

    Special Thank you to Be quiet!, INTEL and MSI. What's the plan? d I recently won the INTEL Techmesh Challange with a be quiet! 802 case, and decided that with the prize money i wanted to do twin systems. One Nvidia/Intel and the other Nvidia/AMD The theme is Yin&Yang, Black/White, AMD/INTEL...
  2. Quartz

    RTX 3090 FE thermal pads

    I understand that Nvidia have changed the thermal pads they put on the RTX 3090 FE. When did this change happen? I purchased my RTX 3090 in late May '21. If Nvidia changed the pads after that date do I need to change them myself and if so how do I get the new pads from Nvidia?
  3. Mr Arky

    Bad performance for my build

    Hello, I'm in need of help with my current setup. Specs: Motherboard - Asus ROG Strix Z490-F Gaming Gpu - Nvidia EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra CPU - i9 10850k Memory - 64GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 3600Mhz PSU - Corsair RM850x 80 Plus Running at 2560x1440 Windows 10 User benchmark...
  4. leobubani

    Geforce 3080, 3080ti and 3090 compatibility

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my two 1080ti for the new 3000 series and I'm currently in between the 3080, 3080ti and 3090. My main question is if these would be fully compatible with my system and if they'd fit inside the GPU slots since the 3000 series are quite larger than the previous ones...
  5. stetamatea

    Help with radiator for 3090 SLI cooling

    Currently in my gaming/workstation setup i have 10900k cooled with an h150i pro xt AIO and a single 3090 ftw3 (currently air cooled) with second one arriving soon and then i plan to put both into a loop. I have to use quadro rtx a6000 3 slot (yes quadro bridges work with regular RTX 3000 series...
  6. rmonkey100

    HELP! - Ryzen 5800x/Windows 11 very high idle/browsing temps.. 70c!?

    Since upgrading to Windows 11 especially, I've noticed the CPU temps are just rediculously high all the time, even idle, its constantly around 70c with spikes to 80c, its the same on my Desktop PC, and my Razer laptop On Windows 10 temps would generally be around 45-45c idle/browsing which for...
  7. Luvvo

    Asus ROG Strix 3090 OC - Stopped working suddenly.

    Hi all, My PC knowledge is quite limited so looking for some advice on how to troubleshoot: Whilst playing New World, AFK in town, my PC shutdown suddenly. When I went to reboot it, it was clear something was off. No blue screens or anything, no error messages, just shutdown. It proceeds to...
  8. Enzo2

    Where to sell a 3090 Suprim X?

    Hi all! So i’ve got a 3090 msi suprim X, and I’m looking to sell it. I’ve won the card in a gaming competition, and it’s still boxed and looking to sell it to buy myself a gaming laptop (as I’m always travelling) and keep the change. I see prices on ebay and fb marketplace at around 2,700£...
  9. Quartz

    Spec me a 12 pin power cable for RTX 3090 FE

    I want to neaten up my system a little by not having the 12 pin splitter on view. So I want a 12 pin extension cable. OCUK don’t sell them. A quick search turns up quite a few but many say they are not to be used with the 3090 FE. So spec me.
  10. Jaydog

    Water Cooled Build - P500a, 3090 - Please help!

    Hi, I am doing a build to reduce the temps on my 3090. The 3090 will be the only thing on the loop. Parts list: Rad - 420mm going at front Fans - 3 x 140mm going at front Distro plate - Phanteks D140 rear 140mm mounted (distro plate is actually 2 mini separate reservoirs) Pump - EK Quantum...
  11. Madmax1uk

    GPU frequencies and hot idle temps

    New to these forums but wanted to share something I experienced with my new 3090. A 'Problem shared' and all that. Caveat: whilst I've been building PCs for years, please consider me new to all this and if this post is common knowledge apologies. After firing up my new GPU and benching the...
  12. Andy112

    Inno3d RTX 3090 Problem

    Yesterday I got the aforementioned Inno3d RTX 3090 from OCUK. Happy day. Worked just fine under low load. Videos. Desktop. Browsing. Non intensive graphic games. Cue cyberpunk 2077. Went up to 83 Degrees once at the start . Then it went back down. Fans working to cool stuff down. Pink dots on...
  13. Doctord

    Is now the time to upgrade to a 3090 or 3080ti hmmm

    I purchased a 3070 right at the start of all this madness, I was running one screen to start with for Sim racing but over the past 2 month I've jumped to 3 screens. Never had any major issues, adjusted the quality on some games but on the odd game like ACC I notice the odd micro stutter, when...
  14. Quartz

    RTX 3090 FE - Displayport ports too close for fibre connectors.

    I've just found out the hard way that the Displayport ports on my RTX 3090 FE are slightly closer together than on the 2080Ti. This should not surprise me as on the latter they were spread across both slots, but it means that I can't plug three of my fibre-optic DP cables into the card. I have...
  15. Quartz

    NVME heat issue: under a 3090 okay?

    I have a Corsair MP400 4 TB NVME drive sitting physically under my RTX 3090. I'm in the process of copying data onto it as my main game library and data drive and it's holding steady at 65-70C (critical temperature is 80C), but I'm wondering how it will fare when I start gaming?
  16. kondek

    Dual loop intel and turbo loop intel hedt - build logs of my 2nd and 3rd builds ever!

    2 Intel builds, one featuring 10900k (personal rig) and the other with 7980xe (partner's workstation). I'll begin with a quick intro explaining how I have ended up with those configs. I am just a poor student, that enjoys trading pc parts. I have built my first own pc with the money I saved up...
  17. Masteri3laster

    Gigabyte 3090 gaming oc thermal pads

    I was having major throttling on this card, with the junction temps hitting 110. I decided to change the pads, and found a little surprise!!! I have never seen this before! After the re-padding (thermal odyssey) I now top out at 86 degrees. All is good, but I’m astonished at the qc, or should...
  18. Denis Črnič

    Powering Asus B250 Mining Expert from 3 phases

    I've obtained Asus B250 mining expert MoBo, which has 3x 24 pin ATX power connectors on board. For powering it I'll be using 3x Power CXT 2000 W PSU which on max. load would be pulling about 25 A, which would be on a limit of a 25 A breaker (230 V) if I were to use all 3 PSUs on a single phase...
  19. Jimbo0115

    Advice needed

    Hello everyone first post in the forum I am completely new to water cooling would anyone advise me on a few things. What should the flow rate be though my loop? Iv tried to look online for answers and can't seem to find any solid information. I am running 3 ek 360 rads 60 mm bottom. 40mm top...
  20. FTRUFC

    Vertical GPU mounting

    Any recommendations on cases that leave enough room for vertically mounting your GPU, currently have a Corsair 465X case with a MSI RTX 3090 Gaming X Trio but there's barely a Gnats breath between the GPU and the glass when it's vertically mounted and the poor sod can't breath in those...
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